When Michael J. Tucci acquired and renamed a small utility construction company in 1950 little did he know he was starting a family enterprise, which, over the next half century, would become an industry leader in the fields of heavy construction and real estate development in Western Washington.

With the acquisition of grading and earthwork capabilities in 1960 and paving operations in 1975, Tucci & Sons grew into a full service heavy construction contractor. Under the second-generation leadership of Michael A. Tucci commencing in 1973, the company continued a pattern of planned growth and diversification through the '70s and '80s. In 1984 Tucci & Sons' business operations reached into the real estate sector with the purchase of the Gem Heights master planned community. The design, approval and construction of quality single family neighborhoods seemed a natural outgrowth of the company's heavy construction experience and abilities. From multiple phase planned developments to single phase residential subdivisions, Tucci & Sons' development projects have earned the same reputation for integrity, quality and service enjoyed by its well-established construction operations.

Today, Tucci & Sons performs a vast variety of construction and development projects for a wide array of public and private clients throughout Western Washington. The company's diverse and highly experienced management team provides clients a unique blend of services. In addition to traditional roles of prime contractor and subcontractor, Tucci & Sons also offers construction management, project management, joint venture and partnering capabilities. From budget estimates enhanced by value engineering to consulting and monitoring permit entitlement processes, Tucci & Sons endeavors to understand and anticipate its clients' needs and to deliver timely and comprehensive solutions.

As we begin a new century, Tucci & Sons has matured into a third generation family enterprise. Michael A. Tucci has become Chairman of the Board of Directors. His sons, Michael F. Tucci and Timothy F. Tucci have become President and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively, assuming full responsibility for the daily operation of the company's four divisions; utilities, grading, paving and development. Tucci & Sons is understandably proud of the prominent position it has attained in the heavy construction and development industries and looks forward to continue serving the needs of its clients for generations to come.